ProMéxico is Mexico’s official investment promotion agency. It plays an integral role in Mexico’s efforts to establish partnerships with investors from around the world and to collaborate with governments. KITE Invest met with ProMéxico’s Communications and Image General Coordinator, Karla Mawcinitt, to learn about the agency’s communication strategies in general and those specific to the Dual Year 2015 United Kingdom-Mexico. 

KITE Invest: What is the communication strategy and positioning of ProMéxico at national and international levels? 

Karla Mawcinitt: As the Communication and Image General Coordinator, I am responsible for conceptualizing, implementing and disseminating institutional messages to support ProMéxico’s mission: to promote the attraction of foreign direct investment, the export of Mexican goods and services, and to support national companies in their internationalization process. These actions are coordinated from the headquarters in Mexico City and replicated abroad through our48 offices in 31 countries and in the country through our 29 interior offices.

Against this backdrop, we have designed a communication strategy to position ProMéxico through a series of audio-visual testimonials of the successful experiences of foreign companies that have found in Mexico the optimum conditions for investment.

We want the entrepreneurs who have come to Mexico and have benefited from the advantages that our country offers in terms of economic environment and business climate to become protagonists in the promotion of Mexico. Their stories are indicative of the success of Mexico before and after the reforms of the government in office.

Our aim is to showcase entrepreneurial perspectives  about economically productive investment experiences in Mexico. We want these testimonials to motivate other entrepreneurs interested in doing business in and with Mexico. In this sense, I thank KITE Invest for the space offered.

KITE: What are the main activities that have been carried out to strengthen the Mexico brand abroad?

KM: In the last two years we produced eighteen testimonials; these have been broadcast at national and international events, through all sorts of communication channels, including social networks, and especially on ProMéxico’s YouTube channel.

Considering the success of the testimonials, we decided to conduct others with Mexican companies such as Tekitoma, Softek, Kidzania, Grupo Bimbo, and Tabaco San Andrés (cigars), in order to highlight the success of their exports and internationalization. Regarding transnational companies that have invested in Mexico, we filmed testimonials with Volkswagen, General Motors, EADS (Airbus), Cisco, Pepsico, Pirelli, and Bosch.

Considering ProMéxico’s network ofoffices in Mexico and abroad, these testimonials are a great tool for promotion. Because they communicate and promote the competitive advantages that Mexico offers to investors, these audio visual capsules have served as support material at international events, business meetings and forums, trade missions, and work visits.

During 2014 alone these videos were presented at more than forty international fairs of various productive sectors. In 2015 their presence at various forums has notably increased .

KITE: The investment consultant firm, KITE Invest, is currently conducting a campaign on Mexico to promote investment in the country within the context of the Dual Year. What is your assessment of the importance that Mexico is gaining from the UK and how will ProMéxico benefit from its strategic partnership with KITE Invest?

KM: The commercial relationship between the United Kingdom and Mexico is not new; the countries are historic partners in the exchange of consumer and cultural goods. The Dual Year was originally set to focus only on cultural issues; however, both governments quickly recognized that they could get more out of the joint effort, and therefore decided to include economic and educational issues as well. With regard to trade and investment issues, it is important to note that there are currently three emerging sectors in Mexico that have grown significantly and are of great interest to the UK: the creative industries, information technologies, and aerospace. We should not forget the internationally renowned energy reform that has already caught British attention and will shortly be attracting investments from UK companies.

In terms of communication, ProMéxico seeks to establish strategic partnerships that amplify the scope of our advocacy. The partnership with KITE Invest is beneficial, as it will ensure that the message about the competitive advantages of Mexico as an investment destination will reach entrepreneurs associated with KITE Invest.

KITE: What strategic communication concepts would like to associate with Mexico right now? How do you foresee the position of ProMéxico in the coming years?

KM: At ProMéxico we are convinced that the national campaign “Que nada te detenga, Decídete a exportar”(Let nothing stop you, decide to export) carries a positive message that has permeated into its target audience minds given the success of the previous strategy featuring entrepreneurial testimonials. Moreover, these testimonials improve the perception and international positioning of the country brand.

We are confident that these stories will increase confidence in the benefits Mexico can offer as one of the best investment destinations in the world, and consequently reverse any negative perceptions about Mexico.

This year we are continuing with the testimonials strategy: we have already increased the number of companies telling their successful investment experience in Mexico. The testimonials help sensitize potential new investors in respect to the advantages our country offers as a prime investment destination.