TedCas is the healthcare technology company that is revolutionizing medical procedures through the creation of its touch-free technology. TedCas ensures required aseptic conditions by allowing medical professionals the ability to interact with television and x-ray screens without the need to be touched; hand movements in conjunction with TedCas’s TedCube removes the concern leaving the sterilized zone, prevents contact infections, and it also saves time and money.

KITE Invest: Please explain in a bit more detail the TedCube. Also, has the TedCas team been affiliated with any similar technologies in the past – please comment on the team’s experience?

Jesús Pérez-Llano: TedCube was born to answer a need in medical field. Our main competitors were focused on providing software solutions, which were very limited inside the ORs. We created TedCube as a “gateway” to overcome these limitations.

TedCas’s main team has a strong background in hardware and microelectronics design.

KITE: Although the TedCube is still patent pending, the device officially launched a little under six months ago, and half a dozen have been sold and are being piloted in Ireland, Italy, Spain and the United States. What is the status of TedCas’s patent pending TedCube? How is TedCas ensuring the product and technology to clients while the patent remains pending?

JPL: We are now finishing our new patent. During the last year we have been talking to hundreds of surgeons from all around the world, studying their needs and listening to their problems. We are in the way of protecting the evolution of our TedCube+sensor tech.

KITE: Clearly the patent pending issue is not a weighty concern as TedCas has already formed distribution agreements in Spain, the Baltic countries and soon Mexico. TedCas is displaying a global appetite; please briefly shed light on the company’s business plan for the upcoming two to four years.

JPL: On the market side, we want to consolidate our position in Europe and during 2015 open headquarters in US. In 2016 we want to open the market to other verticals, which can benefit from our experience in medical field. 

KITE: How does TedCas differ from its competitors?

JPL: TedCas is providing not only the TedCube unit to its clients, but, different from its competitors, a great variety of sensors adapted to their needs. It’s not the same being a neuro-surgeon than an interventional radiologist or a trauma surgeon… ‘Why should they be offered just one single solution for all of them?’ We adapt to our client needs, offering the best solution for their particular needs. TedCube unit is the same, but the sensor used depends on their special needs.

KITE: Since TedCas was founded the company has raised a collective sum of over 300K and an investment round of another 500K. TedCas is no stranger to interacting with academic, business angel and venture capital investors. KITE: How has TedCas’s experience with various investors helped TedCas’s growth and direction?

JPL:We always look for smart money. Money is always useful, but money combined with network, experience, and knowledge of the environment is essential for us. We always look to surrender ourselves with people smarter than we are. It’s what we have done with our previous investors. They have helped us to aim for the right target.

KITE: As TedCas is currently seeking out a new round of investment, as the company matures how does this change the interaction with investors, and particularly, what is the current focus on investment?

JPL: Now we are looking for a round that helps us to scale the business in US. To do so we need our headquarters there and people who perfectly know the US environment. The money will also help us to consolidate our leadership in Europe.

KITE: Why is TedCas a smart investment?

JPL: TedCas is world reference in touchless technology in healthcare. We have proven our tech to be efficient in several countries and specialties. Our patent-pending device allows easy integration in current equipment and it’s compatible with state-of-the-art gesture and voice sensors. Moreover, we are now presenting a new patent based on the knowledge acquired during these months inside the ORs.

Having a device compatible with several sensors and being plug-and-play (no need for software installation in the computer to be controlled), the scalability of the project is enormous, even out of eHealth niche.

This autumn TedCas was the only Spanish company selected to join TEDMED 2014