The term ‘it’s a globalized world’ can be at times a bit of a misnomer. Yes, the Internet and the telephone can instantly connect individuals from around the world, but there is still something to be said for the face-to-face interactions that provide a more accurate and precise means of communicating.

It is this tangible aspect of forums, summits, conferences or any meeting engagement that is

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simply incomparable to other forms of communicating. Networking, idea exchanging and brainstorming are critical for the progression and even the life span of any business.

Today, organizations, from grassroots to intergovernmental, all host, sponsor, panel or simply attend these meetings of the minds. Despite globalization, people still congregate due to the great outcomes such events can produce. There is almost a greater importance of coming together as a result of globalization, so as to not be lost in mix.

In terms of showcasing one’s business project or investment opportunity however, all measures of communicating must be taken in order to increase exposure. It is for this reason that over the past two decades countries and individuals have begun earnestly promoting themselves through the creation of Investment Promotion Agencies (IPA) at the country, state and even town level. These IPAs act as window often through user-friendly and engaging website, in parallel to yearly or quarterly events.

While IPAs, such as ProMexico, which has made tremendous strides and been closely involved in Mexico’s transformation over the past seven years, and will continue to do so, it is just one means of exposure. KITE Invest firms believes that forums, IPAs, country marketing campaigns, news media and networking are all required components of properly and adequately communicating a country or individual’s business, market and image.

Positive perception takes time, effort and nurturing to create, a negative image can take hold almost instantaneously. It is for this reason that KITE Invest advocates that communications must be transferred through a series of mediums – forums, networking, media – but they also must be done well. For instance, in order to stimulate interest a communication campaign must not only be delivered through various platforms, but it must also make the country or investment project shine amongst its peers by projecting seriousness, integrity and potential.

It is line with this sentiment and KITE’s vision that foreign direct investment is intrinsically connected to communications, KITE is proud to announce our first investment summit, Invest in Spain, in order to promote Spain and the investment opportunities within Spain, and moreover provide a venue for networks and ideas exchange. We will be updating new information in the following weeks.