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Francisco González_Fotor
The sweeping reforms of the Peña Nieto Administration are generating economic growth and a stir of interest from foreign investors. KITE Invest met with the CEO of ProMéxico, Francisco N. González Díaz, for an analysis of Mexico’s traditional and emerging sectors, their development potential a ...
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As Mexico’s official investment promotion agency, ProMéxico plays an integral role in the country’s alignments, relations, and trade agreements with governments and multinational companies from around the world. During the Dual Year 2015 UK-Mexico, ProMéxico has been key to the promotion of bu ...
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KITE Invest met with Mexico’s Secretary of Economy, Hon. Ildefonso Guajardo, to address Mexico’s future prospects and the issues that still need to be overcome in order for Mexico to achieve the projected economic growth.KITE Invest: In the international context how will Mexico deal with pote ...
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