As Spain’s Tax Agency and Social Security government systems have instituted an electronic notification system, DEH Online has taken the responsibility to assist it’s customers of any hidden risks or costs that individual, advisors or companies may over look.

KITE Invest: Irrespective of the country, government procedures can be confusing and time consuming. Taking this into account what was the impetus behind the formation of DEH Online at this particular time?

DEH Online: Quite so, the new ways of proceeding with the Spanish Tax Agency and Social Security can be a bit confusing. DEH Online has grown to facilitate communication between Public Administrations and taxpayers.

Through DEH Online services companies and self-employed customers can leave electronic notifications tasks to us and focus exclusively on their business. Every time your company receives a new notification or communication, DEH Online will automatically send the company a certified email with the document attached and an SMS to the mobile phone and, at the same time, a copy to its advisory office.

On the other hand, those tax payers who choose not to use DEH Online services will have to constantly monitor for notices from the electronics offices of said government agencies every three days, as 10 days after receiving a notification, the agencies have the right to act and there is no possibility to issue a claim.

KITE: Please highlight the core functions of DEH Online. What sets DEH Online apart from other tax advisory services?

DEH: As a matter of fact, specializing on the surveillance and sending of electronic notifications, and assuming the responsibility of delivery and sending, is what makes us who we are. It is our strength.

However, apart from the Tax Agency, we send the Social Security notifications and probably we will start working with more Public Administrations.

KITE: Part of DEH Online’s main slogan is responsibility, what work and responsibility, if any, does this leave for the client?

DEH: With DEH Online services companies and self-employed customers can practically forget about electronic notifications. They have the possibility to grant the power of attorney to DEH Online in the Public Administrations. In this way we assume the responsibility of delivery and sending of each notification.

KITE: As you mentioned DEH Online plans to expand to cover other agencies within the Government. Are there plans to take DEH Online’s business model outside of Spain to other countries?

DEH: In terms of international expansion, nowadays we are studying several opportunities of implementation in other countries, which have already taken the first steps to modify the law. We already hold the Patent Pending for the United States and it is currently in process for all of Europe.

KITE: While the company is already largely successful, it is currently seeking investment. Please address the current funding phase and the trajectory that DEH Online plans to focus on with investments received.

DEH: As you mentioned, after more than two years of activity, we are entrenched in the market; however, we still have a very long way to go though. We consider it really valuable to invest and focus on branding, marketing and advertising in order to make these new relations with the said government agencies known.

KITE: What does DEH Online look for in an investor, and visa versa, what should an investor see in DEH Online?

DEH: As a startup that has already managed to consolidate in the market, we appraise all the possibilities of collaboration.

For an investor, DEH Online is a safe bet. It must be taken into account that we are a consolidated company, which has had revenue growth of 100% in two years. It is a technological project with many possibilities for expansion.