Syncards is the app that aims to revolutionize the simple exchange of business cards by digitalizing the whole process. The Syncards app is available for the individual professional, as well as, for companies. The virtual business card designed by Syncards has recently launched on the Google App Store and has already been registering users in Spain, across Europe and Latina America.

KITE Invest: Please give a brief account of how Syncards and the Syncards team came together? What was the catalyst behind the idea of Syncards?

Syncards: We met at the University of Alcalá de Henares in 2011 through a mutual friend. It was our initial form of meeting one another that put into place the concept of Syncards, specifically the combination of sharing and day to day work exchanges.

The idea for Syncards came about from the necessity to change and update the traditional business card to “modern times”. We did not see it logical that there are so many “smart phones” and that people continue to use business cards.

KITE: Describe the main features of how Syncards works; are there different versions (individual or company)?

Syncards: When the user installs Syncards they can create their own digital business card, and edit it to their liking with the design features of Syncards. They can choose the template, colors, images or logos and fonts they want to make it as close to identical as their paper card, but with the difference that it is 100% digital and on their smartphone, forever.

This new digital business card can be exchanged, geotagged, and modified, and can obtain statistics about the contacts interested in their company or business in real time. It can also request new contacts without needing to be in direct face-to-face contact with the person. Additionally when modifying any data on your business card (phone, email, address, etc.), Syncards automatically updates your information in your Syncards network.

We currently have a Freemium version available for all those individuals or companies interested in discovering all the advantages of Syncards. In a few weeks we will have a Premium version with the same features as the free version, but with specific functions for businesses and enterprises, such as adding an introduction to your Syncard. The introduction is similar to having a double-sided digital card, but it can also incorporate a brief promotional video.

We also have a version called Syncards Enterprise, incorporating the advantages of the Premium version, but featuring a fundamental “admin” or manager of business cards tool. Meaning that the employees’ contacts are never lost because the information will always be available and automatically updated to all members of that company and will also remain with the company even if an employee should leave.

Lastly, there is a version called Syncards Designer, which is built for graphic designers and communication agencies that would like to offer customized templates to their own clients.

KITE: Do both parties have to have the app for the program to work?

Syncards: It is recommended that both sides have the app installed in order to enjoy the full potential that Syncards offers. However, if a user decides to share their Syncards to another who does not have the app, they can do this in 3 different ways:

1) Through email a link to the web version of the digital business card can be sent to the person who doesn’t the app.
2) Each user will have their own QR code available on your smartphone with the business card details.
3) Lastly, we are currently implementing the NFC (Near field contact) technology for the exchange to be even faster.

KITE: How does Syncards ensure its clients privacy?

Syncards: The business card’s information is sent through the app in an encrypted form, an AES256 encryption, which is currently one of the safest forms available on the market. We also have our own servers allowing us to efficiently manage and secure the information of our clients. Syncards meets all the requirements under the regulations with respect to the Data Protection Act, which ensures the privacy of our users. The app, Syncards, that we have created is an app that we like to use every day for ourselves; therefore, our privacy and that of our clients are of equal importance and taken quiet seriously.

Finally, we must note that all the information the user decides to share depends exclusively on the user and the user can decide at any time what information you choose to make public or private.

KITE: What makes Syncards different from other business card apps?

Syncards: There are three big notable differences between Syncards and the competition:
1) Syncards users’ ability to design and modify own business card from the same app provided free of charge.
2) Exclusive Syncards functions such as “El radar”, which allows us to transfer the contact information with only one click.
3) We have the explicit support of Netcentric that assists us incorporate Syncards into company structures.

KITE: Based in Spain currently, are there aspirations to penetrate other markets; is it available worldwide? How would Syncard have to adapt to other cultures?

The project was developed in Spain, and it is currently available in English and Spanish and we are preparing to translate the application into more languages. We know that in order to enter new markets it is very difficult; therefore, we have met with consultants in order to properly and adequately achieve these goals.

KITE: As the culture of apps has grown into an enormous market over the last five plus years, what are some of the main challenges and advantages to being an app start-up company?

The main challenges of a startup are being financially stable and have a cohesive unison amongst the team. A person can have the best idea in the world with all available funding to carry it out, but if you do not give the right people who believe in the project, are satisfied with their work and work hard every day, we believe that the idea will be a complete failure.

We want people with whom we work with and we collaborate with to be excited and happy, and visa versa, as this lets us to be flexible, responsive and adaptive to daily changes requested by the market and customers. This value of flexibility is the key to any project or business succeeding.

KITE: At Syncard’s stage of the start-up process what is the company seeking-out in terms of investment and investors?

Finally, we are interested in companies or people who can provide not only financing, but also knowledge that helps us to further enrich the project and will little by little continue improving the strategies we have chosen in order to achieve the objectives in the short and medium term.

We will not forget and also like to give a special thanks to KITE Invest for your interest in our project and for offering their collaboration to work together.