UniverDox is an international e-commerce platform that allows authors and / or rights holders to self-distribute (sell, promote & share) their digital products, spread their events and interact with their followers and other authors, getting 100% of the earnings generated.

KITE Invest: What was the catalyst for the creation of UniverDox?

UniverDox: Both my business partner and I create digital products (principally music and software) and when we were looking for a platform to distribute our digital creations, no service suited to our needs. We created UniverDox because we wanted to set all delivery conditions of our digital goods, interact with the customers and prevent excessive fees, but no website was fulfilling all the requirements. When analyzing the digital contents market, we observed that there were many authors and rights holders in the same situation, so we decided to launch UniverDox.

KITE: Who is the team behind UniverDox?

UniverDox: Actually, behind UniverDox there are currently just the two founders. Antonio Martín (CTO of UniverDox) is an engineer in computer science. His background in the Internet includes participating in the European research projects and working as a consultant analyst and web developer. In my case, I am CEO of UniverDox. I hold a degree in Business Administration and Management and I have been working for many years in the Administration & Accounting department of a Spanish multinational. Each of us has perfectly defined competencies and thanks to our long-standing experience, we can complement each other in all decision-making process.

KITE: Why does the platform only focus on digital products?

UniverDox: Further to the reasons stated above, I’d like to highlight our passion for the digital content world and that we believe this sector will have a great expansion for the next years to come.

KITE: Please shed some light on the Business Plan and the projected growth rate in the short to long-term.

UniverDox: We launched UniverDox in January 2014, so our short-term goal is to promote our e-commerce platform, and continue to expand and improve the services provided, in line with our customer’s feedback. With an adequate intervention in this early stage, our forecast in the medium-term is to reach revenues around one million euros per year.

KITE: Marketing is a big component of any company, how does UniverDox intend to market itself and reach its customer base? UniverDox: We are preparing for an ambitious communication campaign that will be launched in the coming months. For disclosure reasons, I will only point that in order to attract customers we will market our service by:

- Advertising in mass media and events with influx of authors / rights holders (e.g. FICOD)
- Participating on websites, forums, blogs, etc. related to digital contents.

KITE: Who are UniverDox’s main competitors?

UniverDox: Although there isn’t a similar service as complete as UniverDox, we consider our competitors to be any service that provides storage and sells digital downloads.

KITE: How does the company differ from its competitors?

UniverDox: Our competitive advantage is that UniverDox has many options available for authors / rights holders, who can customize the service to their needs and maximize their profitability. Thereby they will improve their selling experience, their promoting and sharing of digital downloads, and in addition provide them with a greater grasp of control.

UniverDox is not a typical e-commerce service or an online marketplace where digital goods are displayed and sold, as we really want to help authors / rights holders self-distribute (sell, promote & share) the digital products easily, quickly and safety. Our aim is for UniverDox to become the self-distribution reference tool; that’s why we are constantly implementing innovative features.

KITE: UniverDox has initiated a round of investment. What are the main targets for this investment?

UniverDox: Investment at this time will be used to:

- Contract a web development service to add more functions with the aim of opening new sources of income
- Launching thee communication campaign

KITE: What is the ideal situation with future investors?

UniverDox: We’d like that future investors not only support us financially, but they contribute their knowledge and get involved in the project.

KITE: Why is UniverDox a good investment?

UniverDox: Thanks to the new technologies, the expansion of mobile devices and increased human-to-human contact as a result of the Internet, more digital contents are purchased around the world, which encourages creators and companies to make their digital creations available to other users. Which consequently makes the digital content sector a booming sector and highly attractive for investment. UniverDox is an innovative e-commerce platform that helps authors / rights holders self-distribute digital downloads, spread their events and interact with followers and customers, and get 100% of the income generated. We offer the service of storage and distribution of the digital products, while the receipts and payments are currently processed through PayPal gateway. We have also begun an advertising service that highlights content in the marketplace. Our web has a lot of features to sell, promote and share any digital product directly to customers. The versatility of our service allows us to satisfy the needs of both large and small clients reaching a larger target audience.