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MORE THAN GAME (MTG) is a video game platform poised to revolutionise the hispanic gaming world. From development, through distribution and into sales, MTG is unique in combining Business Intelligence and technological capacity to provide an integrative e-commerce platform for (multi-format) video g ...
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TARIFA and Co. is a new Spanish brand of custom-designed men’s bathing suits. The main principal of the company is to create a quality bathing suit, with a one-of-a-kind design with over 15,000 different combinations available.KITE Invest: Please shed light on concept behind the launchin ...
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GOLFBOO is the search engine designed for the golf enthusiast. It is an online golf community providing direct access to the best prices and rating system of golf packages, tee times, hotels and real estate properties. Currently GOLFBOO features the mentioned listings across the whole of Europe and ...
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