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HogarCheck is the Spanish startup, which has created an online tool to help users maintain and organize their homes. It helps to bring together and coordinate all members of the home in order for all family members to benefit and fully appreciate their homes.KITE Invest: Please shed light on the ...
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TARIFA and Co. is a new Spanish brand of custom-designed men’s bathing suits. The main principal of the company is to create a quality bathing suit, with a one-of-a-kind design with over 15,000 different combinations available.KITE Invest: Please shed light on concept behind the launchin ...
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After six years in the cosmetic industry, Essentia, the specialized skin care company, has deduced that skin care products can and should be clientele-customized. As a result, Essentia has taken the decision to change the direction of  the company towards client tailor-made products, to which they ...
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