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Isaac Fokuo-8w
The African Leadership Network (ALN) is a membership community of the dynamic and influential new-generation leaders in Africa with the aim of strengthening relationships between leaders in order to encourage inter-Africa trade, investment, and collaboration. Founded in 2010, ALN already has over 1 ...
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'Заседание Демократизация
Originally started as a LinkedIn group in 2008, VC4Africa, the Africa platform for startup funding, has become the largest online community of entrepreneurs and investors focusing on companies from the African continent. VC4Africa offers an array of services for entrepreneurs and investors, as well ...
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TD Photo 3
Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country, with over 180 million people, and as of consequence the West African nation has a robust consumer market and last year it overtook South Africa as the largest economy in Africa. Nigeria is known as Africa’s largest oil producer, but over the last few y ...
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