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Foto Juan y Daniel - Con Smartbrain 3.0
Smartbrain 3.0 is the newest program by Smartbrain, an interactive system for cognitive stimulation. It is specifically designed to create an interactive program that is both ‘gaming’ and psycho-stimulation for elder populations. Which, in the case of Spain, by 2025 people over 50 years old will ...
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The Spanish startup, Blue Planet Tales, is aiming to increase the amount that children learn by creating interactive and fun tools. History lessons about Earth and humankind are written as adventures with engaging illustrations, and technology is utilized through gamification programs with sound eff ...
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Rukuku begins where old webinars and e-learning run out of steam, providing a one‐stop‐shop, and a user friendly environment that gives trainers, coaches and instructors what they want: practical and easy‐to‐use functionality. KITE Invest spoke with Rukuku CEO, Denis Zaff, to get an in-de ...
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