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Specialising in neurodegenerative diseases, Ankar Pharma is the Spanish / Filipino biotech startup that has a “passion for healing”. Ankar Pharma is a spin-off from the Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas – CSIC (High Council of Scientific Research), which is Spain’s largest pub ...
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Foto Juan y Daniel - Con Smartbrain 3.0
Smartbrain 3.0 is the newest program by Smartbrain, an interactive system for cognitive stimulation. It is specifically designed to create an interactive program that is both ‘gaming’ and psycho-stimulation for elder populations. Which, in the case of Spain, by 2025 people over 50 years old will ...
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Daniel Yu
Reliefwatch is an information management system for organisations and government ministries working to support health systems in the developing world. Through using the web and basic mobile technology to track medical inventory and health information, Reliefwatch equips users with real-time supply c ...
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