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The word tergum is Latin for skin / shield. It is with this in mind that the Spanish cosmetic and biotech company, Tergum, has set its foundation and bases its development in. Through their biotech ingenuity and expertise in vegetable extracts and antioxidants, Tergum designs skincare and hair care ...
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After six years in the cosmetic industry, Essentia, the specialized skin care company, has deduced that skin care products can and should be clientele-customized. As a result, Essentia has taken the decision to change the direction of  the company towards client tailor-made products, to which they ...
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Spain’s cosmetic market has taken off with 1% of online trade accounted for by cosmetics and perfumery. Bontier has created a line of female cosmetics aimed at the beauty blog savvy 30-60yr old demographic. In 2013, despite developing six advanced cosmetic products the company turned their first p ...
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