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The breakthrough company, Magency Digital, from its Paris headquarters and offices in New York and Tokyo offers its clients all-inclusive mobile solutions for audience engagement. In four years, Magency has hosted over 500 events on five continents, in 29 countries in 20 different languages. Through ...
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Organizing the paying of one’s taxes, compiling accounting information, creating expense reports have all become much easier through the real time – with or without connectivity – application of Exaccta. The CEO of Exaccta, Carlos Tapiador, shares with KITE Invest the trajectory of how his sta ...
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Rukuku begins where old webinars and e-learning run out of steam, providing a one‐stop‐shop, and a user friendly environment that gives trainers, coaches and instructors what they want: practical and easy‐to‐use functionality. KITE Invest spoke with Rukuku CEO, Denis Zaff, to get an in-de ...
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