Since early 2000, Venture Capital investments have increased significantly. These financial assets have become key figures in the economic growth of investment markets.

By means of strategic alliances with the best-known Venture Capital Firms and institutions devoted to investment promotion, and by being in permanent contact with the various markets that present and offer important investment opportunities, KITE Partners is positioned as a key connection for all those institutions and business groups seeking to maximize their growth strategy.

KITE Partners offers you a set of exclusive management services with the aim of promoting the attraction and reception of foreign capital inflow in any modality for foreign investment, either direct or indirect, of institutional or private capitals.

Venture Capital involves so much more than mere financial contributions; it also entails collaboration between the business organization and the Venture Capital Firm, with the clear objective of enhancing and speeding up the growth and development of certain companies.

Large corporate conglomerates which are nowadays an example of management success were initially financed by capital at the time when their business concepts were mere sketches. That was the case of Microsoft, Lexmark, Compaq, Sun, and Intel.

Venture Capital investors need to have an overview of each company’s real potential and product development. However, many companies which are not listed in the stock markets and yet offer considerable returns to profitability for potential investors, are left without the chance to access international capital inflows.

KITE Partners’ goal is none other than increasing the competitiveness, consolidating the national and international position and boosting the economic development and projection of each of the institutions and business groups it collaborates with.