International Investment Forums are a way to exchange experiences and technical knowledge, allowing us to promote and develop best practices and international business standards. The search for foreign capital inflows is a complex task, which entails great effort and much time spent in research trips to obtain a full view of each market’s reality.

KITE Networking arranges business conferences between the major public and private representatives and their potential foreign partners in charge of promoting investment and bilateral company cooperation. In this way, investors obtain a global, first-hand overview of a selected group of business projects with great growth projections.

Our goal is to promote productive investments and business cooperation by identifying partners, providing a thorough knowledge of the target market for potential investors, and creating business synergies.

KITE Networking is constantly collaborating with local institutions dedicated to attracting investment, and our Forums take place within the framework of official trips of public authorities and representatives of the private sectors to other countries.

Our services include Sectorial Reports, Foreign Investment Policies, Analysis of Supply and Demand with Risks and Opportunities, Schedule of Individual Interviews, Consultancy and General information during the Forum’s organization period; Guide of Business and Investments, Economic and Trade Report; Guide of Foreign Investment Support Organisms; List of Service Companies in the target country, and a Catalogue of Public Financial Support for Company Implementation and Investment.

Focusing on the global trends that define business models worldwide, KITE Networking provides a solid network of contacts, enabling our clients to reach their professional goals through success optimization, turning each contact into a growth asset.