The only way to tackle underdevelopment is by generating wealth. KITE Foundation is aware of the essential role played by business groups in the creation of value. For this reason, it actively collaborates with social responsibility projects at the countries it operates in, seeking further integration and economic progress.

The relationship between KITE Invest and its clients and investors is ruled by the principles of transparency, loyalty and sustainable creation of value through the signing of a Corporate Governance Protocol expressed in a Code of Conduct and Ethics.

For KITE Invest , Corporate Social Responsibility is the right way of understanding the role of a company within society, considering the environmental , social and economic impacts of their activity, as well as their relationship with the various groups of interest.

Even when economic and social development continues to improve quality of life in many countries, there is still a great deal of work to do in order to reach favorable conditions to promote the economic and social growth of the communities where KITE Invest is present.

Being aware of the existing huge need for help, acknowledging the interests of each collective group and seeking sustainability for future generations, KITE Foundation is born with the aim of adding value by collaborating with different social projects, in such a way that a virtuous circle of growth is created, where the main beneficiaries are future generations.

For the many economic sectors with which KITE Foundation collaborates, education will play an essential role, as those projects promoting primary, secondary and university education are understood as the best driving force of growth in all countries, playing a fundamental role in the economic progress of markets.