Nowadays, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) leads the increasingly strong trend in Economic Globalization. This involves trade liberalization, investment and market deregulation, having become a key asset for various regions such as: Latin America, the Middle East, Africa, and South-East Asia.

The main goal of KITE Communications is to boost its client’s economic growth through a customized communication strategy leading to the appropriate capital assignment to investments and business units, involving their maximum operating performance.

KITE Communications operates through several exclusive strategic communication channels, to integrate certain institutions within the selected markets, and for them to benefit directly from business and commercial relationships with the most prestigious venture capital firms and global entities in charge of promoting the free circulation of international capital flows.

A good performance in communication activities has a direct impact on the increase of international relations, as well as on the business projection, development and positioning of each company, as it is currently essential in order to attract foreign capital inflows.

Data shows a direct benefit correlation between communications and the attraction and reception of investment in the economic growth of each business group.

Transition involves adapting to change. This is when KITE Communications works for your development by combining communication tools based on speed, impact, follow-up and real dialogue with the main actors in charge of identifying investment opportunities.