Upon realizing that Spain lacked an online outlet for local artisans to sell their products, the Blonic team came together and officially launched the online store in March of 2014. In the span of a few months this startup is already featuring over a thousand designers and a thousand products ranging from €3 to €1400 in price.

KITE Invest: Blonic strives to showcase original and different products that are not typically found nor are part of chains. As artists register to sell their wares on Blonic, how does the company determine who to place on the website? Is the website open to everyone or is their some form of selection process?

Blonic: Blonic is a project where everybody can join no matter who they are; we are talking about artists, young designers or craftsmen. We strive to help everybody who wants to participate in Blonic. We are aware that it is very difficult to create one’s own online selling platform, which is why we propose artists and the like work with us and for a very little money they can benefit from all the features and services we have on our website.

If these artisans were selling their products directly online they would need to use payment scheme with their banks. Any wire transfer received would have to pay out a commission, whereas, in our case, it’s Blonic’s payment gateway. The customer pays Blonic directly and then we deliver the money to the artisan. Once an order has been placed and the payment is verified we send the information to the artist so he can process and ship the good(s). Thanks to our 15 years experience we verify every transaction and guarantee that all are fraud free.

As mentioned we don’t make any distinction between artists, craftsmen and designers and we want to help them anytime. It is true as well that we always want to present to our users the most appealing and original products we find. Our team is in charge of selecting those products and promoting them on our homepage, newsletters, etc.

We have a motto at Blonic: “handmade dreams”. The idea that all designers have dreams about creating products that are unique and different so people feel special when wearing them. We want to help these dreams come true and make every person buying at Blonic feel special.

KITE: In only a few months Blonic has over 4,000 Facebook followers and 1,000 Twitter followers. Marketing and communicating are crucial components to any company, what have been some of your techniques? What measures are you planning on doing to reach an even larger consumer base?

Blonic: At Blonic we aim to be more than just a Marketplace, we believe it is important to support the artists themselves, which is why we strive to advertise them and their brands through articles and interviews, and through social networks and our homepage. Anytime we make an article we reach more than 180.000 Twitter accounts within two days and the feedback we receive from the artists and young designers is that this helps them to increase brand awareness. With our help they can reach thousands of people that otherwise it would be impossible for them to do so.

We put all of our effort each time we present any products to our customers. We want to get to know the artist and invest all our time and resources required to do it properly. We always are very careful with the image of the products and the way they have to be treated. To this point, we just recorded a video in London that was created with products donated from our artists in order to convey the values of Blonic. Along this sentiment, we would like to thank Xabi San Martin from La Oreja de Van Gogh for his contribution.

An additional measure we do is to be present at street markets where we can show products sold at Blonic, and even in the future run our own events so the customer can really see and touch our products.

KITE: Blonic is moving towards the next stages as a startup. These next steps include making website improvements, creating a mobile app and expanding to other markets, such as Latin America by the middle of next year. As Blonic grows, seeking out investors will be fundamental. What type of relationship do you envision with your investors?

Blonic: We are seeking investors who really believe in the project and in a sense are committed to the values we propose. So far, we already have more than 10 people interested in becoming investors of the project not only from Spain but as well from abroad, and we are sure those investors will help us in creating a very strong and international project.

KITE: What do you consider to be the most important aspects to finding, securing and maintaining an investor or investors?

Blonic: In our opinion finding the right investors is critical, that is why we are selecting very carefully who joins the project and what can value can add to Blonic. As well, it is critical that our investors can see and feel our passion in the project and how we live it 24 hours a day. Finally, we believe in frequent communication with investors in order to keep them updated on the progress we make and how they can help us during this journey.

If we want our investors to believe in Blonic we need to prove we have a solid team, that we are focused and show them we have very clear ideas about what we want to achieve.

KITE: Why do you think Blonic is a safe and smart investment for possible future investors?

There are a lot of different reasons why we believe Blonic is a good investment but above all because:

1. It is unique project in Spain in a very clear niche of market where competition is weak and there is a clear market need.
2. Blonic has a very talented team of people working.
3. We have several revenue sources that will help us to better monetize our audience.
4. The vision is international and not just focused on Spain.