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Through its four operating units and the making of strategic alliances with first-class organisms, KITE Invest is positioned as the perfect platform to promote the reception of foreign capital inflow by business groups and institutions which present considerable returns to profitability for investors.

KITE Invest is a key actor to promote the competitiveness, international positioning and growth of the corporations it works with.

KITE Invest defines its institution through values which support its business principles and give way to the creation of its corporate culture. Integrity, Innovation, Commitment and Excellence endorse the work provided to its clients and each of the business units in the organization.

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Through a Corporate Governance Protocol, KITE Invest works day by day to strengthen and consolidate relationships with clients and partners, under a code of respect, transparency and mutual trust.

KITE Invest aspires to become the channel through which certain economic sectors attain business advancement and progress.

We are committed to the economic and commercial integration of globalized markets by means of bilateral cooperation and mutually beneficial business synergies.

The evolution of current markets implies the adaptation to new environments and management tools. This is where KITE Invest seeks to consolidate as the leading business group for the optimization of your growth potential.